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Digital Maker – stage 2
In stage 2 you will demonstrate that you can complete digital projects which can be used in Scouting activities or in the wider world.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Create a piece of interactive or animated digital art using software.
  2. Create a simple computer program to help with a scouting activity, and try it out.
  3. Make a simple digital creation that uses code to interact with the wider world through inputs (such as buttons or typing on a keyboard) and outputs (such as a computer screen, sound, or lights).

We will be using Scratch.

Go to and login using username: SlamScouts and the password given to you by your leader. When prompted to do so enable Flash Player in order to use Scratch.

For part 1,

  1. Click on File -> New and then name your project with your initials and group
  2. Click Tips, a menu will appear at the right hand side, select “Animate a Name”. This guide will then go through step by step how to animate a name. Be creative!
  3. When you have finished click File -> Save Now
  4. Finally click “Share” – this will enable other people to see your work.

An example animated name project can be seen here

Part 2 needs your creativity!

Firstly think of a scouting activity that needs a simple computer program to help it. Then using some paper, work out a simple block diagram of what you want to achieve. Show this to a leader to see if you are on the right track. Now is the time to convert your vision into a Scratch programme – again there are leaders on hand to help!

An example of a camp breakfast calculator is included for inspiration, based on the number of people on camp it works out what supplies are needed for breakfast.

For part 3, we need to get some input from the user and output it to the screen. An example of this is shown in “Electrical Circuit“. When the user hovers over the switch the light switches on and off.

Think about what input you want to get from the user; a button press, a number, mouse movement?

What is the input going to do; change a picture, cause a sound, cause movement, output text?